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Any particular customer or professional declaring to have taken knowledge of these general conditions of sale before placing an order, will declare to know them and thus mark its whole and unreserved adhesion, on all the provisions appearing in these general conditions of sale


The order is processed by the nearest florist at the delivery address.

Any order placed after 12:00 in the delivery country will be processed the next day.

Our products will be made by florists, according to the availability of flowers in their stores and according to the seasons.

Photos and product descriptions of our website are not contractual

The appearance of the products may present differences in the (shape, color, and type of flowers or plants) photos of the website. The number of plants and flowers that make up the products may be slightly different from the photos displayed on the site because of seasonal price variations, except for products where the exact number of flowers is an essential condition of the purchase and where these elements were specified when ordering.

In case of significant visual change of the product, the customer will be notified by email as soon as possible and in any case before the date and time of delivery, the customer has the opportunity to accept the proposed changes or cancel the command.

In case of minimal or insignificant differences of the product, our partner florist will have on delivery a similar product or similar to the one presented on the site, as soon as possible.

However, in the event of a temporary break in stocks or a problem of independent delivery, the customer will be notified by email as soon as possible and in any case before the date and time of delivery and therefore has the possibility to cancel the order or to make the delivery in a period longer than the agreed period, which will be specified if necessary.

Delivery information must be correct and complete to ensure delivery on time. A reachable phone number is required to contact the recipient before delivery.

In case the delivery information is missing or incorrect, the customer will be notified by email as soon as possible. If we do not receive the correct delivery information within 48 hours of following our information request email, your order will be automatically canceled and refunded.

At the moment when the client requests the cancellation, the executing florist has already started the production of the floral product in the order or if he has already incurred a fee for its realization (order of specific flowers, accessories or container for example) , all or part of the price paid by the customer may be required to retain for this order as compensation for the costs incurred and the work already provided by the florist executing.

If the customer requests a change in the execution of the order (change of product, place of delivery, date of delivery), additional costs may be requested if the change (s) require additional expenses or extra work for the performing florist.

The customer can cancel his order 24 hours before the delivery date and a total refund will be made within 7 working days.

Claim :

The customer can make a complaint about the delivered product. The complaint must be made by email within 48 hours of delivery

If the complaint concerns the appearance of the floral product (freshness, resemblance to the floral product ordered, etc.), the claim must be accompanied by one or more photographs of the floral product.

If your complaint occurred more than 48 hours after receipt of your order, or if the information was incomplete, we could not take your request into account.

In the case where your claim is justified, an exchange of the product in question or a total or partial refund will proceed immediately, depending on your choice confirmed by a return email.

In case of exchange, the cost of re-delivery will not be charged.

In the case where your complaint is not justified, the reasons for rejecting the complaint will be sent by email to the customer as soon as possible.

Secure payment

The means of payment proposed:

The credit card to know that this site guarantees you an optimal security of your personal information.

Paypal, with this payment method allows you not to enter your credit card details on the site. You must have a Paypal account.